[HOT] Stock_Rom_Backup_keeping_tutorial !!!


[HOT] Stock_Rom_Backup_keeping_tutorial !!! finashsa


I am Sk Saikot Khan

will talk to you today about   Stock_Rom. How to back it up? 

Let's get started.

Stock_Rom_Backup_Looking_Tutorial (Full Tutorial)

[HOT] Stock_Rom_Backup_keeping_tutorial !!!

Stock Rom Backup Tutorial In Bangla

The first thing to do after rooting is to keep a stock ROM backup of the set. If you break the set, you can return to the previous state with this backup file.

What do you need : 

1) Rooted Phones
ii) set in recovery. img file There are many recoveries Term / CWM / COT / crt etc
but CWM recovery. img well download recover.img of your set from google. Search and download on Google.


"Google search rules - hold
your set Walton Primo Nx you will search CWM recovery.img for Walton primo Nx"

3) Mobile uncle tools. apps
Mobile Uncle Tools apk from here ..: -https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7enUl4G_fgQQXk1ODh4bWJaTFU/view?usp=sharing


1) Now keep the Recovery.img file in Sdcard
(do not keep it in any folder)
2) Now install Mobile uncle tools apps and open it.
3) superuser permission will ask grant> click
4) recovery update> click
5) your recovery. img see recovery.img> click
৬) Then press> ok your phone will now be in recovery mode. Now you have to select with volume butt
and work with the power button.
6) Backup & restore> Press
6) Backup> Press Now wait a while, it may take (5-10) minutes. When done, the Reboot option will come 10) Reboot> Press

The work is done 

Now your phone will be on. And on the memory card, you will find a folder called clockwork mod which can be your backup file (500mb- 2 Gb). However, if you take a backup without installing any apps, the backup file will be small.

Note: With enough space on the memory card, take a backup. And save the backup file.


1) What is Brick?
A: If for some reason your phone is not on, that is, it stops up to the log of your set, then it is called Brick.
2) What to do if Brick?
Answer: Go to Recovery mode and restore the Backup file.
3) How to restore?
Answer: Working style:
1) Open the battery and install it again.
2) Hold down the power button & volume (+) button
until recovery mode arrives.
3) Press backup & restore>
4) Restore> Press Now you will see your backup file

n the form of the date, which means you can only see the date on which you backed up. Click yes> Press and wait (5-10) minutes. When done, the Reboot option will come
5) Press Reboot>

The work is done 🙂

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