Nish Selection, Complete SEO Course 2020 (Part 2)

 Niche is a broad and important term in search engine optimization.

(1) What is niche and what is meant by niche selection?

Nish Selection, Complete SEO Course 2020 (Part 2)

Niche means a topic or category or targeted content.

What category or topic of content you want to work on your website is niche.

Let's understand a little more clearly through the example: Suppose
my friend Maidul wants to start a business, Maidul started thinking that it would be better to start a business with a product.

Some of his friends suggested to start a business with different products, some said start with bike parts product, some said you can start with computer parts, I told Maidul to start with dress product.

After much thought, Maidul decided to start a business with a dress product.

This time Maidul needs to create a website to expand his business, he decided to create a website and among the many favorite products of his friends, the product that Maidul is selecting (Dress Product) is the niche.

Nish can be called a topic again.

1. What is niche or what is niche selection?
2. How many types of niches and what are they?
3. How many types and what are ever green niches?
4. List of 10 popular niches
5. There are at least two things to keep in mind before choosing a niche.
. What is niche marketing?

(2) How many types of niches?
There are usually 3 types of niches.


1. Broad Niche

2. Micro / Narrow Niche

3. Specific Niche

1. (Broad Niche) Broad Niche

The niche that can be broken down into smaller categories is called broad niche. For example: Business Product

2. (Micro / Narrow Niche) Micro or narrow
niche is called micro niche.

If the small niche is broken, then the broken new niche is Narrow Down niche.

Again, if the Micro or Narrow niche is broken more than once in a domain or site with more than one category of topics, then the site is called multi niche site.

3. (Specific Niche) Specific Niche:
If a site is working on a topic, then we can call that site Specific Niche site.

E.g. doggy health

(3) (Evergreen) Evergreen
niche: Evergreen niche is 3.

Namely: 1. Health and fitness

2. Relationships

3. Make Money on the Internet

As long as the world exists, there will be a demand for these three niches.

(4) (10 Most Popular Niches) 10 Popular Niches or Topics:
Make Money on the internet
Dating and Relationship
Self Improvement
Beauty Treatments
Personal finance
Wealth Building through investing

(5) Before selecting the niche, you have to select the niche keeping in mind at least 2 things:
1. The selected niche must contain a large number of articles or products.

2. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

The success of a site is 50% - 60% depending on the niche selection.

You should select a niche that you have a lot of interest in working niche.

Search Google for Niche ideas list in English.

(6) What is niche marketing?
When you, with only a certain product, belong to a certain population; When you promote a product to meet a specific demand, we call it niche marketing in the language of marketing.

Simply put:
(Complete SEO Course 2020) The course is a specific product or topic, a specific population = Bengali, demand = SEO.

Let's see what niche marketing uses these words:

The purpose of meeting the SEO needs of Bengalis, (Complete SEO Course 2020).

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